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  Our School sticks to an idea, that is "Education is the Priority, Quality is the Soul, Teaching is the Foundation", and emphasizes that cultivating talents is our central work. At the same time we also highlight curriculum development, discipline and team construction to provide continuous support for improving the quality of teaching.

The National teaching team of Conspectus of Chinese Modern History

Symposium on “Improving the Quality of Teaching”

  Teaching team on course “Conspectus of Chinese Modern History” is appraised as one of “National Teaching Teams”. The course “An Introduction to Mao Zedong thoughts and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” is awarded the honor of “National Excellent Course” and “National Teaching Resources Sharing Course”, the course “Ideology and Moral Cultivation and Law Introduction” is awarded the honor of “Provincial Excellent Courses” and gained three other “Sichuan Province Teaching Achievement Awards”.

Professor He Yunan, the leader of course “Conspectus of Chinese Modern History” and a member of the Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education

Professor Xian Yuhao, an expert of Chinese Central Communist Marxist Theory Research and Management Project and the director of a National Excellent Course

Professor Tian Yongxiu, an honorable recipient of Program for New Century Excellent Talents of MOE and a winner of Excellent Young Teachers of Ideological and Political Education Course Funding Plan

Professor Ran Mianhui, the director of a National Resources Sharing Course

  In recent years, teaching quality of ideological and political theory courses was widely recognized and got highly appreciated. News briefings and special reports on our school appeared on nationwide authoritative press such as People's Daily, GuangMing Daily, China Education Daily, and we are also visible on the websites of Ministry of Education( and the Sichuan Provincial Education Department( Several teachers are awarded the first prize of “Best Chapter of Ideological and Political Theory Courses” in Sichuan Province. Three teachers won the first prize of the Fourth and Fifth Young Teachers Teaching Contest in SWJT University (12 teachers in total). And there are 2 teachers who get the title of “Most Popular Teachers to Undergraduates” in the First Competition of Teachers’ Popularity in our university(10 teachers in total).

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