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 International Communication and Cooperation


  Expanding international exchanges and enriching our faculties’ international experiences have always been our main tasks of high priority. We have established good cooperative relations with several abroad universities, namely, University of Michigan, Duke University, Cornell University, George Mason University, University of Arkansas, University of Charleston, Georgia Southwest State University, Waseda University, Keio University, Technical University of Munich, and Prague City University. Teachers and students in our school go to overseas to do exchange visiting every year. And we also receive visiting fellows and students from Europe and the United States in the summer short semester; receive foreign graduate students and undergraduates to study for one-year or six months.

Professor Ikeda Daisaku is awarded as an Honorary Professor


Our School welcome visitors form University of Charleston

  We strive to complete teaching and training programs of all disciplines which will be implemented in English. These programs cover many courses which are open to both Chinese students and foreign students. Our school carries out a variety of types of international exchanges and cooperation, and supports teachers go abroad to participate international academic conferences and provides opportunities for students to study abroad every year. The number of hiring foreign honorary professor, visiting professor and part-time professor are increasing every year.

A photo of Professor Lin Bohai(left) with U.S. former President Jimmy Carter(center) and his wife(right) was taken when Professor Lin paid a visit to the U.S. in 2010

Professor Nobuo Takahashi from Keio University is giving an academic lecture for our students

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